Nitro Circus "Johnny Cash"
Ring of Fire


Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics


Touring Globally

Services Provided

  • Burner element design and fabrication
  • Control and fuel system design and fabrication
  • Initial installation and commissioning
  • Operator training

Live Element was tasked with providing a tour-able Ring of Fire, now called “Johnny Cash” for the Nitro Circus 2014 World Tour.

One of our smaller effects projects, key considerations in the design were:

  • Rapid strike time once the effect was done
  • Ability to ride through the ring on a micro bike
  • Stable enough to withstand significant accidental impact
  • Ability to quickly light on cue
  • Transportable.

The final solution we came up with was so well engineered that it was able to be used across numerous North American sites that had blanket bans on the use of LPG effects.  “Johnny” has toured the world with Howard & Sons and Nitro Circus, showcasing Live Element’s smaller scale capability with great success.