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Services Provided

— Design
— Install and commission two pebble bed fire effects for their Lakeside show home TV and print media advertising campaign

Live Element was commissioned by Trendscape Landscaping Professionals to design and install two pebble bed flame features for two of the Devine Homes show homes in their new Lakeside development.

Prototyping was undertaken to determine the underlying burner design that created the desired flame color and appearance, while also determining the most suitable pebble type to withstand the dramatic thermal changes these features experienced. Initially the effects were to be fired using natural gas, but this was changed to LPG (propane) as natural gas was not able to be connected to the development in time for the shoot. This change required some additional last minute prototyping to adapt the burners to propane with the result still exceeding expectations.

While these two effects were manually lit and operated for the shoot, they are easily adapted as spectacular features for your own property with automatic ignition.