Our Process

Live Element takes a staged approach to the implementation of flame effects for any event, with each step progressively leading into the next. Combining all of these elements ensures the flame effect will operate reliably, repeatedly and successfully every time.


  • Gaining an initial understanding of the client’s requirements from the beginning is vital to any flame effects success
  • Consulting on concepts and budget requirements
  • Detailed designs, documentation, project scopes
  • Understanding the available fuels and local statutory requirements, and working in a consultative manner with authorities
  • Full-size or scaled down prototyping, as required, to ensure the desired effect meets client expectations
  • Providing an engineered solution for the fuel delivery system, the flame effect control and burner elements that meet the desired artistic criteria within project constraints
  • Selecting and using high-quality equipment and adhering to the world’s best practice manufacturing processes
  • Pre-commissioning and testing before shipping
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Site installation and commissioning
  • Operation and supervision
  • Additional crew or personnel training
  • Dismantling as required.