Fire in Your Hole


Tough Mudder Australia


Australia Wide

Services Provided

  • Burner design and manufacture
  • Control and fuel system design and fabrication
  • Slide cooling water filtration and circulation design fabrication
  • Site installation at each location
  • Commissioning, operations and supervision at each location

Tough Mudder 2013 Australia Tour had a new obstacle called “Fire in Your Hole” which comprised of up to three ten-metre-tall waterslides.

Live Element was contracted to provide 3 modular slide-end pieces to integrate into the main slide structure being constructed by Tough Mudder Australia crew.

For this project, we were required to supply:

  • A burner element in each slide that was resistant to the natural elements as well as the water pouring over them from the slides
  • Water pumping system for each slide for both cooling of the slide structure as well as participant protection that was able to deal with high sediment load water
  • Control systems for each burner and a central control system for the overall obstacle
  • Gas fuel trains
  • Gas storage on site
  • Gas stillage
  • All interconnecting hoses and cables.

Live Element was also tasked with the fuel supply, local approvals in each operational State and providing operational crew for each event on the 2013 tour.