Children of the sun
Flame Effect


Sydney Theatre Company


Drama Theatre – Sydney Opera House

Services Provided

  • Flame effect design and fabrication
  • Set-piece design and fabrication
  • Fuel and control system design and fabrication
  • Installation, commissioning and operator training

The Sydney Theatre Company enlisted Live Element to provide them with a two-stage modulating flame-effect, replicating a bonfire for use in their production, The Children of the Sun.

Held in the Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House, the stage floor of the production was dual revolve and there was no easy access through the stage for either gas or power supplies.

The effect was therefore designed with its own onboard power supply and remotely hidden gas supply as well as an operational station, allowing the crew to set the effect and its gas supply quickly on the revolve, while also allowing the operator a suitable hidden line of sight operating point.

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John citizen — Managing Director, Opera Australia