2014 Central American
& Caribbean Games Cauldron




Veracruz, Mexico

Services Provided

  • Cauldron LPG storage and delivery consultancy and specifications

Live Element were engaged by Wonderworks to do the design and specifications for the LPG Storage facility and the pipework sizing and specifications for the 2014 Veracruz Central American & Caribbean Games Cauldron.

To do this we:

  • Investigated the applicable standards for the installation in Mexico
  • Investigated which fuels could be used, and from that, determined which fuel would be the best suited for the project
  • Calculated approximate fuel consumption of the Cauldron based on the creative concept
  • Calculated fuel storage requirements.

This enabled us to specify:

  • Minimum LPG storage volume required to run the Cauldron for up to 2 days
  • LPG compound location options
  • LPG tank specifications
  • Vaporiser sizing and specifications
  • LPG Compound size and layout designs
  • Compound security and signage specifications
  • LPG compound regulator specifications
  • LPG pipe size from the compound to the Cauldron.

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