2015 Baku First
European Games


Five Currents / BEGOC


Baku Bulvar, Baku, Azerbaijan

Services Provided

  • Control and fuel system design and fabrication
  • Pool and water filtration and circulation design fabrication
  • Stair and walkway design and fabrication
  • Torus structure and flame design and fabrication
  • Site installation
  • Commissioning, operations and supervision
  • De-commissioning and removal

in 2015 Live Element was asked to provide the “Caspian Eclipse” Cauldron for the First European Games held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Baku 2015 creative team provided us with a concept, detailing an 11m x 11m infinity pool with a 16m x 11m long staircase, leading to the water’s edge, walkways around the installation and the 6m diameter Torus, surrounded by a ring of fire representing an eclipse. All of this equipment was to be installed on the end of a 120m long pier, extending into the Caspian Sea.

To ensure a uniform flame picture over a 360-degree plane, we needed to build a 1/3 section full-size prototype. Beyond this we overcame numerous technical challenges, including generating sufficient water-circulation to provide a seamless infinity edge

around the entire pool, while maintaining a perfectly smooth surface. Other challenging considerations included building and designing return water systems, filtration and treatment systems in addition to managing installation and removal as well as gas delivery and distribution down the pier.

Our greatest achievement, however was adhering to the 11-week project time frame, in which we were able to design, prototype, fabricate, assemble and test, then disassemble and pack all of the components ready for shipping.

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