Opera Australia's
2013 Melbourne Ring Cycle


Adelaide Festival


Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide

Services Provided

  • Tool manufacture
  • system design and manufacture
  • Statutory consultation for operation
  • Risk assessment
  • Back of house operation
  • Fire warden for performances

The 2012 Adelaide Festival saw The Border Project undertake one of its most ambitious shows ever inside the Adelaide Zoo titled “I Am Not an Animal”.

Live Element was asked to design a torch that would be capable of melting an ice sculpture of a polar bear as part of one of the performances within the show – the difficulty with the brief was that it had to be fully visible by day or night, not so noisy that it would scare animals in nearby enclosures and that it would not extinguish if wet or waved around.

With some prototyping we were able to devise a nozzle and injector arrangement that fitted the brief perfectly, in fact going beyond expectations and staying alight even when being pushed into the ice sculpture.
We assisted with the risk assessment and statutory approval process, and provided a back of house safety and fire warden during all rehearsals and performances to ensure the performers were safe during their show.

“Not only was the brief met with great success but Michael also took care of the actor training, OHS paperwork and permits…. The Border Project and Adelaide Zoo were both extremely happy with how this part of the show looked and went.”

Alison Hepburn-Brown — Production Coordinator, The Zoo Project