2013 Asia Pacific
Special Olympic Games, Newcastle


2013 Asia Pacific Special Olympics


Hunter Stadium, Newcastle, Australia

Services Provided

— Cauldron conceptualisation
— Design
— Manufacture
— Installation
— Commissioning
— Operation
— Removal

The inaugural 2013 Asia Pacific Special Olympic Games held in Newcastle, Australia was a fantastic event that Live Element is extremely proud to have been involved with.

Live Element was given the responsibility to create the design concept for the Opening Ceremony Cauldron to then fabricate, install and operate the Cauldron during the Opening Ceremony in an extremely tight timeline and within a very minimal budget. We were able to fully model the Cauldron using 3D CAD enabling our Client to know exactly how the Cauldron as a whole would look making the concept approval process and the fabrication much faster. The Cauldron was built and tested entirely in our workshop before being taken to Newcastle.

Onsite Live Element provided all the crew required for the installation, rehearsals, operation for the Opening Ceremony and the removal of the Cauldron after the Games.

For more information about Special Olympics in Australia visit their site www.specialolympics.com.au

To see more of John Foreman’s work his page is www.johnforeman.com.au

“Your Cauldron was brilliant. So colourful, beautifully designed, it worked an absolute treat. I know we presented you with many great challenges – limited budget, short time-frame, delays in sign-off etc etc. You never lost your cool, you were always an absolute pleasure to deal with. Artistically great, technically spot on and a pleasure to deal with.”

John Foreman, Creative Director – Opening Ceremony