Founder and Managing Director

Michael began his career in the Industrial Combustion Industry as an apprentice electrician, working on the design, installation and commissioning of burner management and fuel delivery systems for medium to large industrial combustion plants around Australia. He was awarded as the 1994 NECA Apprentice of the Year, and was also recognised for his Industrial Automation studies. In 1994 he obtained an Industrial Gas License and in 2005 gained TUV Functional Safety Engineer accreditation. Michael has gained a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Michael was introduced to the Events Industry in 1999 when he was asked to design, supply and commission the fuel delivery and burner control system for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Cauldron*. He went on to commission and operate the Cauldron for the rehearsals and the Opening Ceremony.

Prior to starting Live Element, Michael had significant roles in other high profile flame effects for:

  • The 2001 Olympic Cauldron Relocation at Overflow Park, Sydney*
  • The 2004 Athens Olympic Opening Ceremony “Rings of Fire” effect and Olympic Cauldron*
  • The 2006 Doha Asian Games Cauldron and Sports Tower Flame**
  • The 2007 Rio Pan American Games Cauldron in Rio de Janeiro**
  • The 2008 Hariri Memorial Flame in Beirut, Lebanon**
  • The 2008 Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian Venue Cauldron**

Michael’s unique qualifications and holistic experience in all aspects of Olympic Cauldron and Flame Effect design and implementation form the cornerstone of Live Element’s capabilities.

* Michael was involved in these projects while managing Combustion Electrical Services, a specialised sub-contractor to FCT
** Michael was involved in these projects while employed by FCT.

Founder and Director

Noelene has over 25-years of experience in business management and operations, covering every aspect of multifaceted businesses.  From her beginnings as a receptionist/bookkeeper she has worked up to running and managing the operations of three different companies, working in industrial combustion to commercial and industrial hot-water and heating systems in parallel prior to starting Live Element.

Adding to her administrative and logistics experience, she has become involved in the prototyping, material sourcing and fabrication of our effects, along with transitioning to site work with the installation and effect operations.

She has had an active involvement with all of Live Elements flame effect projects along with assisting with the build efforts of the Sydney 2000* & Athens 2004 Olympic Cauldron* control systems.

Noelene’s increasing breadth of experience and capability further strengthens Live Elements ability to deliver amazing results for their clients around the world.

* Noelene was involved in these projects while managing Combustion Electrical Services, a specialised sub-contractor to FCT